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A unique blend of technical expertise and a

human-centric perspective to help your company scale.

We help B2B grow better and faster by implementing the right technology in their Marketing, Sales and Service processes. Combining our content and marketing expertise with data and technology tools to design and develop solutions that address the customers' needs and make your front-facing and operational department's life easier, boosting successful goals.

We work with growing technology-driven companies who want to position their brand online and become leaders in the market but are overwhelmed by their current processes and technology, making it difficult to align their customer-facing teams and data to reach their goals.

We equip them with the right tools to align their teams, removing friction and providing a holistic strategy to connect with their ideal buyer using relevant content to drive more leads and sales. We are uniquely powering and optimising processes by combining high-end technology and data mapping.

We've done this with other companies. Would you like to learn how we did it? 

 Who we are 

We are big thinkers who love technology and are passionate about art and aesthetics! Making brilliant ideas come true using these elements is our mission, and we love what we do. After years of experience working for companies worldwide, a group of multidisciplinary professionals with different backgrounds decided it was time to plant a seed, a new dream to pursue. A Growth Agency that combines our passion for visual content creation, strategy and technology implementation. 

Working together to define your digital growth path 💜 

We are a HubSpot Solution Partner based in Dublin, Ireland, with remote teams in central Europe, the UK, and North and South America. We truly believe in the Inbound Methodology and apply it in everything we do, helping eCommerce, B2B and technology businesses scale by implementing technology in Marketing, Sales and Service processes. From web development and automation to strategy and art.

Grow your business with HubSpot Ecosystem


A HubSpot Certified team dedicated to:

  • Inbound Marketing and Video Strategy
  • Custom CRM Implementation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Service & Sales Aligment
  • CRM Migration & API integrations
  • HubSpot Portal Management
  • RevOps Ongoing Support
  • Website Design and Development 

Transform your business 

HubSpot = understanding your customers better

A powerful yet easy and intuitive online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform such as HubSpot makes it easier than ever before possible to gather information about potential leads, so they don't go unnoticed.

The personalised technology provides tailored experiences based on expectations which increases sales force effectiveness while offering analysis into complete performance metrics--allowing businesses like yours access real-time insights from each step taken during the customer journey allowing Service and Operations teams to implement processes smoothly, delighting customers and turning them into advocates.

 How we work? 

Working closely with your company as an extension of your team

We will help you grow on every step of the buyer's journey. Combining our inbound expertise with technology tools like HubSpot to design and develop solutions that address the customers' needs and make your front-facing department's life easier, boosting successful goals.

We count on a HubSpot Certified team dedicated to implementing HubSpot's CRM full Growth Suite, Sales Enablement, CMR Migration, & API integrations.

We specialise in eCommerce development, i.e., WooCommerce WordPress/HubSpot CMS with integration to HubSpot.

Cat Media Support Con Dibujo


Understanding your business processes to ensure a successful setup and user adoption.

Cat Media works as an extension of your team, helping you in every step of your journey, supporting you in achieving your business goals and overcoming your challenges.

Before we make recommendations, we get to know your company inside and out. We want to know everything about you, your processes, and your tech stack. We will go over topics like your experience with HubSpot, your highest marketing priorities, who will be using the software, and how it fits your existing tech stack.

Ongoing support is guaranteed. Whether you are working on a project with us or partnering on an ongoing commitment, we will be with you supporting you during your path.

Our main office is located in Dublin, Ireland 🍀 and we count with remote teams in central Europe, the UK and the USA. Our team is very diverse; we’re proud that our team speaks different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and French! 

 How we do it? 


First, our experts will work closely with your team to understand your business and truly your 'why'. We will work together closely as part of your team, defining the best path for growth while understanding why it is essential to provide tools to grow better!


Once we know each other, we understand your unique business process and technology. We will start the setup and configuration that suits your company. We will train you and your team on how to use the platform to ensure user adoption properly.



We will schedule calls to continue to guide your success using HubSpot, your website and any integration implemented by us. We will always be available for any questions via email and support tickets. If you decide to partner with us on an ongoing basis or a long project, you will be designated an Account Manager to ensure communication runs smoothly.

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