We focus on developing and designing data-driven websites constructed with adaptability and flexibility in mind to continuously evolve by responding to changes in the market, technology and user needs with real-user measurable data.

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Traditional vs Growth Driven

While a traditional approaches to website design would involve a 3-month minimum development cycle every couple of years that results in a new static website. Growth-Driven Website design approach embraces agile methodologies to optimise using real data to keep improving over time, building brand authority, leads and customer interest.



Map the route to your goals

Starting by understanding website performance, your audience needs and behaviour, and how your website can help them through their journey. We’ll set up a strategy based on assumptions, goals and ideal buyers.


Launching sooner, getting results faster.

We will set up a LaunchPad Site, a foundation website that looks and performs better than the current according to assumptions and priority improvements but is not the final product, helping to collect real data by interacting with users, understanding their behaviour and collecting feedback in order to improve user experience and conversion rates.



Learning and improving

Your website will be evaluated in monthly sprint cycles, seeking to increase effectiveness continuously, reducing friction, increasing conversions and improving user experience attracting more visitors that become leads and then customers.



Growth Driven Design Websites includes basic free CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Hub tools by default in order to collect data.

The HubSpot CMS has been specially-designed for driving business growth and not just creating and managing content.

What makes this CMS different from others and a popular option is that HubSpot’s CMS lets you pull all user and company data into one centralised spot so you’re able to see an extremely in-depth view of every user




Sub-second page loads, videos and photos without waiting, and  fast loading E-commerce orders that improve your customers experience and increase your conversions rate.



Security is something we take seriously. Our platform is designed to provide the very best performance without a compromise in security.

PCI Data Security Standard compliant



Optimised and built by cloud experts to ensure your web presence is lightning fast all the time with 99.99% up time. Always prepared to handle thousands of  simultaneous connections with consistent speed.



Scale on demand with HubSpot CMS infrastructure. Our platform is capable is ready to grow with you when you need to deliver your content to the whole world at the same time.



Cat Media were set quite the challenge. We needed to pivot and pivot fast as a result of Covid 19. Nothing was too much trouble, Indira and the team were on hand and hands-on. They have been instrumental in redeveloping the website for better customer UX and maximum SEO. Our social media engagement is now relevant and managed. We are beginning to see results with ROI and online customer captivation. They are committed to our growth strategy and success.

Vicki Pillow
CMO at The Jewellery House

Cat Media brought structure and uniformity to our digital channels in the form of an inbound content strategy. From the moment we started working together our focus have switched to engaging customers by helping them with useful and relevant content. This has allowed us to create more meaningful and personal relationships with our customers as we add more value to them. When it comes to producing content, Catmedia has been able to accept any challenge we throw their way as 3D animated videos, websites, ads creatives, video tutorial, blog posts, landing pages and many more! I just can say Thanks for the hard work!

Andrés Rodríguez
Marketing Manager at Easypurge APC

Cat Media nos ya brindado muchas soluciones en nuestro negocio. Son muy eficientes y siempre quedamos muy contentos con su trabajo.

Valentina Felvinczi
General Manager at Hanleys Cornish

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